Wednesday, December 28, 2016

My 2016 Warhammer Top 5

Let us be honest 2016 has been a terrible year, but the shining gem this year has been Warhammer.  I honestly doubt I would have survived this trip around the sun without all the good going on in the Hobby.

Now on to my Warhammer Top 5 for this past year.

5) Games Workshop Reaching Out:
         When the year started no one could have predicted the cultural change at Games Workshop.  Age of Sigmar was still a bit of an unknown, but now it is a thriving and continually growing community of great Hobbyists and Gamers.  Rumors are put to bed quickly with witty videos and high quality pictures from the Warhammer TV Team.  Facebook is a place of true interaction with quick and quality posts and responses.  We even have daily Painting Tips with the Lord of Layers himself.  What else could we ask for?  Well if we think of it we should ask because we will probably get it!

4) Community Growth:
         After the Generals Handbook dropped people took notice.  The Naysayers all but gave up as players left other game systems to come try and ultimately fall in love with Age of Sigmar.  Some players are those who left during the End Times and it is great to see their return.  Others came over from Warhammer 40K and are bringing a fresh perspective along with them.  We have also seen an influx of people new to Wargaming entirely and it has invigorated some local scenes in my area.  It has been rewarding to help these players out and watch them grow within the Hobby.

3) The Generals Handbook:
       What can be said for this that hasn't already been said?  Not much.  The community before the Generals Handbook was tight knit and supportive.  After the Generals Handbook it has only grown.  I myself was worried that Ultra-competitive players would come in and take the joy away, but I have been happily wrong as The Generals Handbook is all encompassing.  Let us look forward to next version of this resource!

2) Hobby Milestone 412 (and maybe more) models painted this year:
       I set out this year to paint one model per day on average and I managed to blow this out of the water.  As of 12/28/16 I have 412 models painted for the year across Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40k.  This total is based on model count alone.  Monsters, Heros, infantry all counted as one model.  This next year I am going to slow it up a bit and put more time into individual models and focus on more quality then quantity.  I am proud to say I crushed my goal and hope to do the same with next years Hobby Resolution.

1) Warhammer Live:
         The latest and greatest thing to come out of the Community Team.  I subscribed during the free week because I had faith that the content would be quality and exciting.  Think about that for a moment.  As a long time fan and customer of Games Workshop who dealt with *insert the old usual issue here* on a regular basis I now have blind faith that they will do right by me and the community.  I am not the only one considering how lively that Chat was on day one.  This has become my usual evening entertainment and I look forward to see where it will go from here.  Major League Wargaming here we come?

See you next week as this blog begins going weekly! Until next time Have a Happy New Year and Happy Hobbying!

Monday, December 19, 2016

The Importance of your Hobby Space and Future Content

Happy Holidays everyone!  Today I wanted to take some time to discuss your Hobby Space and give you some insight to future content I will be putting out (with help) to the community in the coming year.

Where the hobby happens...

Above you will see my new dedicated hobby area (Video Tour here).  There is still more lighting to add as well as general improvements due to it being my basement, but that will come with time.  While it will always be in constant development I could not be happier to have my entire hobby (except models I am displaying) consolidated into one space.

My hobby space, like most, started out as some newspaper on my kitchen table.  Sometimes I miss that simplicity of those times.  Just sitting down with a model, some paint, and a worn out brush and taking a few hours to myself to create what I felt was top quality work.  While I enjoyed this time of my hobby career there was a lack of commitment on my part.

As I grew within my abilities and commitment to the hobby I eventually put in a permanent table opposite my computer desk.  I felt this finally legitimized what I was doing with my hobby.  I was able to make a mess without care and leave projects on my desk until I finally completed the project.  This space gave me a constant reminder to build and paint while giving me a comfortable area with which to work.

The one unexpected benefit of a dedicated hobby space was the bubble of hobby it created around me in that dedicated space.  Times when I didn't feel like hobbying were easier to overcome when I sat down at my table.  I knew the space was for building and painting miniatures and just by being in that space got my hobby juices flowing immediately.

A while ago I took up Airbrushing and that meant I needed to set space in my basement strictly for airbrushing.  This worked splendidly, but I only did the minimum with my airbrush due to it being so far away from my main hobby space.  I can tell you lugging models from my basement to my second floor and back again began to get old quick. So I made the decision to move everything to the basement and I have not been more energized to paint in a long time.

Thankfully part of the set up is an old workbench that was in the house when I moved in.  After moving my upstairs hobby table to the basement I opted to build a third table for a bit of extra space.  I have only had this space set up for a few weeks, but I have already begun painting and building and I am happy as can be.

Having a dedicated hobby space  really allows you to grow and offers you a constant reminder to keep the paint and glue flowing.  If you do not have the space to set up a full table for your hobby I would recommend purchasing The Citadel Hobby Box (or other MDF/Plastic options that you can buy around the internet)to give yourself a small space that is easily stored to allow you to get up and hobbying quickly.  Sometimes the setup can be the biggest hindrance to wanting to hobby.  Get creative and you could build your own setup to suit your needs!  If you do I would love to see pictures in the comments below!

Until Then Happy Holidays and Happy Hobbying!

Future Content Update:

Hey again everyone.  I wanted to take a moment to fill you in on some of my plans for 2017.
My initial goal is to move this blog from monthly to weekly.  I tend to keep my posts short and instead of a longer monthly post I would rather offer the shorter length more often.  Please expect this to take place in January 2017.

My other goal is to begin putting out content via Youtube in the form of Tactical Battle Reports, Breakdowns, What if scenarios, etc...  While this blog leans toward a hobby focus I cannot lie that I am a competitive gamer at heart.  I will be working with a very good friend to get this going sometime within quarter one of 2017.

I have also tossed around the idea of doing a monthly podcast with my local group in a open talk format to discuss our games and hobby, but at this point it is only an idea as I do not want to over reach my time constraints, but who knows what could happen.