Friday, April 21, 2017

Player Spotlight : Matt H.

Hey Everyone!  This week I wanted to begin a new segment where I talk to a club mate about their journey in Age of Sigmar and this Hobby.  Today I will be talking with Matt who is a consistent member of a local group based in Pittsburgh, PA.  I am dragging him back to Twitter so follow him here as well!

Matt (Background) and myself at Adepticon 2017

Hey Matt,  Thanks for being my first test subject for my new Blog Article Series.
"No Problem.  Happy to help and talk about Age of Sigmar anytime!"

So Matt how did you begin in this Hobby?
"It started off with going over to a Lan party focused on RTS, specifically Dawn of War.  I spent hours playing before the party and afterward I was introduced to the lore of Warhammer 40k by a friend.  A few years later I got the itch to try painting some of these models.  I went to my local Store and Picked up a unit of Space Marine Devastators.  I spent three weeks painting five models.  A  friend who was into 40k and he convinced me to pick up a few more models to play a game!  Many months of painting and preparation later I played a game in which I got my the tar kicked out of me. I picked up the Age of Sigmar Starter box and I didn't do much with until I met you."

What brought you to Age of Sigmar?
"You did! To be honest, I was in love with the rule set at the start.  As long as you trust your opponent and participate int he social contract you can have fun in the game without getting too serious."

Some of Matt's Dispossessed

What armies are you currently playing in Age of Sigmar?
"I tend to dabble across the board until I find an army to match my play style.  Currently, I have Dispossessed, SCE, Nurgle, and recently began Slaanesh."

In regards to Open, Matched, and Narrative play where do you fall?
"I don't like the idea of focusing on one.  I feel all three are very important to the hobby.  To prevent any fatigue it is best to play them all!  Matched play is the easiest and more common way to play it the Open and Narrative play are overlooked but are essential to explore the full extent of the creative side of the hobby."

Are there any aspects of this Hobby that you really enjoy?
"The delightful banter between a friendly opponent!  I really enjoy the community and friendships built through this game. Of course playing the game and list building are near the top as well."

On the other end, what parts do you perhaps not enjoy?
"I do not enjoy players who play strictly to the Meta simply to win.  I feel the game is more fun if people take lists they think are interesting despite power.  Tactics of lists!  I do not enjoy the amount of time Painting takes me.  If I could get quicker to have table top results faster it would be marvelous!"

Matts Scheme for his Current Army Project - Stormcast Eternals

What is your Dream Goal for yourself in this Hobby?
"I would love to be known as The Dispossessed Player.  I want people to look to me as the be all end all of the Army.  Also going to Warhammer World would be nice."

Can you share with us a memorable experience within Age of Sigmar?
"I was playing against My local Warhammer Store owner.  It was my Warden King against three Kurnoth Hunters with Swords.  It took 5 rounds, but he managed to kill every one of them while only taking one Wound.  there was plenty of Ribbing and John Cena References being flung across the board to my opponent!"

Matt's entry into a local Painting Competition (Random Hero and paints were given to use)

Where do you see the U.S. Age of Sigmar Community regards to Locally, Regionally and Nationally?
"I haven't delved deep into the National or Regional scene, but as far as local it is interesting.  I have the dichotomy of my local group and your local group.  My scene is an odd mix of Hobbyist who play once a month but enjoys the painting.  I also have the aspiring Tournament players who are trying sharpen their game as well as a few High-End Tournament Veterans who come in and show respect to all players despite experience.  It is a diverse community who gets along even if they don;t agree on Armies, Play Style, Or game but they come together over the Hobby.  Your scene is more of a club but shares the same love for the Hobby despite the game and gather around each other to build friendships.  A commodity if you will."

What would you like to see in the U.S. National Age of Sigmar Community?
"I would like to see a ranked system.  While competitive isn't my focus giving us a chance to talk smack about ranks could be fun.  Mostly,  I would love to see points of contact within the U.S. scene to help guide it all and assist new groups/players would be a strong influence to get the U.S. growing in a positive way."

Thanks again Matt.
"Sure thing Chuck."

I hope you all enjoyed my first Player Spotlight article and perhaps got some insight into how who Matt is an Age of Sigmar player.  Feel free to message me here or on Twitter if you have any questions you would like me to ask in future Spotlights or let me know what you thought of this series!  Special shout out to everyone attending South Coast GT this weekend, good luck and I can't wait to see Twitter coverage!  Also be sure to keep an eye on the Games Workshop Coverage on Twitch.  Until Next week, Happy Hobbying!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Weekly Hobby Update : 4-19-17

Hello Everyone!  I have made the decision to take my blog from once per week to twice per week.  I want to have a short post about what hobby I have going on or a short hobby related topic every Wednesday, which is the post you will see today.  I also plan to continue bringing you longer more in-depth posts at the end of the week on Friday.  If you have any topics you would like to see covered in my Shorter Tuesday posts please let me know.  Today I want to share with you all the projects I am currently working on as well as what is coming down the pipe for my hobby.

My current army project is Blade of Khorne and I could not be more excited.  I have settled on a White/Gold color scheme and plan to work on my Airbrushing skills with this army.  Expect to see a Bloodthrister from em soon as the pictures above are just the beginning!

I have had a small Sylvaneth grove in my backlog since the beginning of AoS and I keep adding more to it slowly.  The assembled Treelord and Dryads were originally meant to be part of my 8th Edition Wood Elf Force, but with the separation of the army.  They, as well as three Citadel Woods, are sitting silently on the side for that rainy day.

Aelves are my first Warhammer love and I eagerly anticipate the first Aelf army that will join the fight in The Mortal Realms.  I have picked up the Balewind Vortex, a Mistweaver, and a Shard for when the new Aelves are finally released.  I currently have an  Aelf army consisting of models people gave me after The End Times when they decided to "Quit the game for good".  I used the army to practice my airbrush skills and jump on the Concept Army Bandwagon that was all the rage.  However, I plan to go back and give them a proper paint job soon.  Possibly in an AOS28 style!  

A humble Liberator Prime sits waiting for me to begin a side project I am very excited to being.  This hero is slated to be my first Nonmetallic Metal model.

Outside of all the painting, building, and buying, I am also prepping for Nova Open as well as planning out my  event for Coalescence on June 10th that I finally committed to running for my local club.  I have a lot of focus on building communities right now so these events are usually at the forefront of my hobby thoughts. I have come to learn recently this game is so fun and exciting because of the players and growing that aspect will only further the game.

That's all I have on my Hobby Table at the moment, but it is ever changing and growing.  Let me know what you think of this new addition to my blog schedule so I can put out the content you wish to see.  As always feel free to follow me on Twitter and until Friday.  Happy Hobbying!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Adepticon 2017 Age of Sigmar Championship

Hello everyone!  I wanted to take this week’s post to run down my games from The Age of Sigmar Championship that I participated in at Adepticon 2017 this year.

I decided to take the Stormcast Eternals to the event.  My intention was to take the Warrior Brotherhood, but after the changes that occurred in the new book, it simply wasn't a worthwhile option in my opinion.  With only a limited amount of time to adjust my list, I decided instead to use the Hammerstrike force. Because the Hammerstrike force acts similarly to the old Warrior Brotherhood, I decided to go with what I was more familiar with.  An added bonus was that it also meant I only had a few late painting nights to be prepared for Adepticon.  Now on to the games!

My List for the Event

Game 1 - Opponent: Steven, Army: Sylvaneth

Steven and I had a great game, despite my nerves at playing my first tournament game at Adepticon.  He made sure that we had a good time playing.  The game really had a back and forth sequence, with no one ever gaining the upper hand until the final turn.  In this first scenario, we were to fight over pieces of terrain each round in order to score points.  I decided to play very aggressively and kept him from ever leaving his deployment zone.  I was able to keep my objective secured, but due to how the scoring worked with battle line units versus non-battle line units, I was behind on points.  Sadly I was unable to kill off his Kurnoth Hunters quickly enough in the remaining rounds to prevent him from capturing his objective for one round giving him the win in the end.  I really enjoyed myself and Steven was a great opponent.  My only real criticism was his substitute GW forests.  He had cut the shape of the Citadel Wood on a Mousepad material and was using them for his forests.  It took a bit away from his army and since there were no trees in his forests or even circles to represent where the trees were supposed to be.  This really allowed him freedom of movement and line of sight that would have otherwise would have been obscured.  That said, I would happily play him again in the future if some more accurate representations for forests were used.

Game 2 - Opponent: Gabe, Army: Stormcast Eternals

Game 2 put me in a mirror match of sorts.  I have always had the Achilles heel of not being able to beat my own army, in a matter of speaking.  Gabe was still new to Age of Sigmar, but his commitment was obvious as he had an exceptionally painted Stormcast Army.  In this scenario, we were fighting over 4 objectives and we deployed spread out knowing we each had a Hammerstrike Alpha-Strike waiting in the wings.  He had the initiative which meant I had to blunt his spearhead.  He devastated my right flank with shooting and Paladins.  The survivability of my Concussors, and a few brave Judicators who punched above their weight class allowed me to essentially take his large paladin unit out of the game.   I targeted his flank in the opposite corner from his Alpha-Strike with my ten Retributors and deployed my Protectors on his other flank.  I was gambling here as my Prosecutors were killed off, but both units made clutch 9" charges to get me into combat and gain the upper hand.  With his Retributors essentially removed from the fight and mine cleaning up, I just had to stall his battleline with mine to claim victory, which I successfully accomplished.  Another great game under my belt and I went into game three 1 -1.

Game 3 - Opponent: Cody, Army: Sylvaneth

I went into game three feeling great and I met Cody at the table and felt a bit worried as I saw Sylvaenth yet again and I feared I would suffer the same fate as before.  The scenario involved waiting for meteors to arrive, so turn one went quickly, but we had traded some shots between our forces.  I had some lucky rolls on my part, as his dryads were removed entirely from the board.  Cody had deployed entirely in the center section which paid off for him as his meteor arrived in the center of his army, while mine fell to my left.  I was able to put a strong defense on my objective and I knew I had to break through his army to prevent him from scoring to try and take the win.  Once again I found my Prosecutors dead after turn one, but some great charge rolls from my Retributors, Concussors, and Lord Celestant on Dracoth allowed me to strike into the heart of his army and begin fighting toward his objective allowing me to prevent him from scoring for a few turns.  The game got very bloody and we were cheering each other on the whole time as we removed our toys.  I took off most of his force, but Allarielle wouldn't fall.  She remained steadfast to the end and even managed to kill off my General in the last round for a moral victory.  I took the game, but found a great opponent, and had one of the best games of Age of Sigmar I ever played.

Game 4 - Opponent: Gavin, Army: Flesh Eater Courts

Scenario four saw us fighting over multiple objectives once again, and I knew I was in trouble due to the lasting power of Flesh Eater Courts.  I went as aggressive as I could, and threw everything I could at his line.  He held on and began to regrow which put me on a back foot for the rest of the game.  I managed to throw some curve balls at him managing to keep the scenario to a draw.  In the end, though, he came out ahead on kill points which gave him the win.  Sadly, this was my least memorable game and it did not have anything to do with the army or how it was played.  My opponent didn't seem to want to participate in the game.  I tried cheering on his Zombie Dragon eating my Retributors, but was denied any response.  When I finally whittled down the monster, I was met with a grumble as he removed his model with irritation.  I felt this could have been a much more exciting game, but the social contract was not met, so I put my hopes on my last game being a more memorable ending to the event, win or lose.

Game 5 - Opponent: Peyton, Army: The Legion of Azgoth

Game five paid off as Peyton was my favorite opponent of the event.  He played exceptionally clean with his entire army and he was one of the finalists for painting which meant I got to play against one of the best painted armies I have ever seen.  The last scenario had us running for three objectives in the middle and holding onto them to score while keeping them away from the enemy.  We both went very aggressive and I managed an early lead.  However, the number of points you scored was based on the turn number so even with an early lead, it was anyone's game.  Peyton baited out my Alpha-Strike and kept my Paladins out for most of the game.  This was a bloody game like the others, but with some power stances and clutch rolls on defense and offense from both sides.  The game was thrilling all the way down to the end.  With each of us holding one objective elsewhere on the board, the game came down to my Lord-Celestant and lone Judicator Prime chasing down his General who held the third objective.  He had one wound and all I had to do was kill him to take the win.  I rolled max attacks for shooting and melee and Peyton stepped up and rolled every single save allowing him to retain the objective and win the game!  This was a thrilling and memorable end that I had hoped for in my final game.

Overall I really enjoyed the scenarios as well as the Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Objective system.  My only critique is the scenery needs and update.  It was clearly built for eighth edition fantasy and lacked Line of Sight blocking terrain.  Alex who T.O.'d the event has already acknowledged this and plans to correct the situation.  Alex put a lot of heart and effort into running a great event and from my perspective, I can say he succeeded!  I managed to place 44/104 in the end and scored well in Sportsmanship and much better in painting then I expected.  This has become a must-attend event for me yearly and I look forward to what next year will bring to the Age of Sigmar Championship!  Feel free to follow me on my Twitter so we can meet up next year if you are attending.

Until next week Happy Hobbying!

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Scenarios and Secondary Objective List:

Friday, April 7, 2017

Building a Community : Part 4

Welcome to Part 4 of my "Building a Community" Series.  If you have missed Part 1, 2 or 3, please check them out in the links below.  Today I want to talk about how I will attempt to bring unity to my local club.

Later this month my local club, Ligonier Legions, will meet as we usually do.  However, instead of setting up immediately for a gaming event, I have set up an open forum to let members determine the future of the group.  After speaking with a few dedicated club members, I believe an open forum is my best option to bring us all together.

I see three major cliques that make up our club that I hope to have a meaningful discussion with at the meeting.  In previous articles, I spoke about a small subsection in my local community who were poisonous to the whole with how they wished the club to be run while not actively stepping up to run events themselves or thinking beyond their own short term goals.  On the opposite side, I have another small group dedicated to my vision.  The third group is the majority of the club.  They are made up of younger and newer players.  I wish to let everyone voice their opinions so they get their points across and let the group as a whole react.  My hope is that I can perhaps bring them around to my long view approach to growing our club.

The majority appear to be enjoying the current games that we conduct and do not seem to mind too much one way or another how things are run or handled.  This majority is just looking to show up and have a few games with some friends, but I hope this will give them ownership in the club and help get us all moving in the right direction.

My major concern is that the small group, who does not appear to be happy with the recent changes, speaks out in a negative non-constructive way.  What I predict is that they voice their displeasure without offering any positive ideas on how to improve on my ideas to grow the club.  I hope I am wrong, but I am preparing to lead the conversation away from negativity to be sure we come up with positive ways to enact any change members wish to see in the club.  While I am preparing for this inevitability, I have hopes that we will be able to clear the air and find the common ground that I am sure is there.

While it may seem that the point of the meeting is to get the grumblers on track with me, I am more focused on the younger members.  The younger players are the future and will one day take the wheel and lead this club.  I want to make sure I lay down a solid foundation for them to build off of when the burden is placed on their shoulders.  I need their input so I can try to set the club up for future success.  I want to see what they like and what they do not like.  Perhaps we are playing a game that is getting to much focus, while one they really want to play isn't getting enough attention.  Is gaming the only thing they want to do when we meet?  Would more hobby days be in order or more seminar-style events to teach better tactics?  Do they want a competitive or narrative focus?  This majority is my focus and I look forward to what they will have to offer.

After Adepticon, I have come to realize just how different my club’s mindset for this hobby is compared to me.  At Adepticon, I was surrounded by so many people who cared about every aspect of the hobby.  There were beautifully painted armies, strategically satisfying games, and opponents who want to have a fun game instead of focusing only on winning.  My local club is lacking in these philosophies and I have set my path to correct these failings.  It has to start somewhere and it needs to start with me.

I will be reporting back next month sometime to let you know how the first open forum club meeting went.  After that, I will be focusing on other articles besides the Building a Community series so I can put a light on different subjects.  If you have any tips, advice, or have done this within your own club please feel free to reach out to me on Twitter (@odiamh) as I would love to talk more about this before the meeting.

Until next week Happy Hobby!

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Building a Community Series:
Part 1
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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Post Adepticon 2017 Impressions

Hello, everyone!  I have recently returned from my first Adepticon and I wanted to share an overview of my time at the convention and run through my experience. was great!

I traveled out with my buddy Matt and from Pittsburgh, PA.  We took a predawn drive Thursday morning through a few states; Indiana being the worst due to construction, and seven hours later we arrived at our hotel.  After a bit of unwinding, I headed over to the Convention Hall to Register and explore.

My Arrival at my First Adepticon

First off I was blown away by the amount of Swag I received just for registering.  An entire copy of Runewars, the new Hordes Book, tons of models, bases, and a bunch of other little things.  It was so much I immediately took it back to the car so I could be free of any burden as I walked around.  My first stop was the AoS game hall!

The AoS Vanguard and Warhost events were in full swing and I got to check out all the great armies on the table.  One thing that was palpable on entering the area was the positive energy in the room.  Everyone was having fun playing this game.  No one seemed stressed from the bottom tables to the top.  It was a great thing to see and made me instantly glad I finally came to Adepticon.  As I walked the room I began to recognize people I knew from Twitter and I began introducing myself and being introduced to others as well.  One of the strengths of this community is how welcoming it has been and this was no exception.  One of the highlights was getting to play a fun 2000pt game with Tyler Emerson from The Scruby & Wells Podcast.  His Sylvaneth were a beautiful army and my Stormcast were put to the task in 5 great turns of AoS.  Tyler pulled out the win and his Durthu was the star of the match for him making three consecutive 9" Charges!

Tyler's Durthu had his running shoes on this day

Day 2 began early as my excitement kept me from sleeping all that much.  I didn't have much planned for the day until evening so I really got to explore the convention in earnest.  The vendor hall was fantastic and I was lucky enough to meet some 40k podcasters while spending a fair portion of my funds on all the great miniatures in the hall.  I spent the rest of the day meeting folks  I know from Twitter until my evening when I was lucky enough to attend one of Duncans Painting classes.  This experience was eye opening.  Roger (the man behind the camera) and Duncan were very open and clearly enjoy what they do.  I took away a lot of army painting knowledge from this event as well as insight into how the community creates and posts their videos.  I have learned that in order to get to the next step of my painting skill I have a lot to do.

Roger, Myself, and Duncan

Saturday arrived and so did the AoS Championships, which I will go into detail in a future post, I had three fantastic games of AoS.  I gave out Combat gauges made by 6 Squared Studios to all my opponents who all immediately used it in the games played!  Honestly, they were some of the best games I have ever had, despite a few small critiques.  The time flew by and I pulled our a 2-3 record for day one and felt happy in where I sat.  Later that night I was humbled to be part of the US AoS Community Meeting.  This whole concept began as an idea I sent Tyler Emerson months ago to get us all together to work with Games Workshop in order to take AoS to the next level.  Games Workshop was welcoming and very open and the community leaders really rallied and will continue to help push this game to bigger and better things it the future you can be sure of that!  After the excitement, I managed to get a bit of sleep and head to the next day.

My and Duncans model (He gave me his! On the left)

While most people were tired from the previous night I had another two games of the AoS Championship.  While my first game suffered due to a lack of engagement from my opponent, but he played well and without issue. My final game was easily one of the best games I have ever played in and enjoyed every last moment.  I ended with two losses but ended up 44/104 in the event and for my first event I feel proud and look forward to improving year after year.

The AoS US Community Group meet up (missing a few folks)

After the awards ceremony, I said my goodbyes and was once again humbled by acceptance of the community ad hated to leave, but did so knowing I made a fair number of new friends who continued contact with me via twitter with nothing but excitement for our shared hobby.   I drove home that night with my buddy Matt and arrived home at 4:40 am.  After a night fo sleep and a day of relaxing and recalling stories to my wife, I found a new legitimacy and motivation for this hobby that has yet to die off.  Adepticon is now a must-attend event for me and I am looking at other events such as Nova, LVO, and Nashcon to a possibly attend in the future.

Until next year...

If you have ever thought to attend Adepticon I can whole heartily say do it.  Jump in and join us in this fantastic event.  I meet so many great people and cannot wait to see what the following year will bring to this great game.  I hope to see even more of you next year at Adepticon 2018!  Feel free to follow me on Twitter as I prepare for next year!

Until next time Happy Hobbying!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Road to Adepticon 2017 : Part 3

We have at last come to the week of Adepticon 2017.  This will be the first major Wargaming event I will be attending and the excitement is incredible.  Games Workshop will be out in force this year with event support and hobby seminars galore.  It is going to be big and I cannot wait for Thursday to arrive!

Over the past few months, you could see a few posts about Adepticon preparation appearing in your social media feeds.  As we grew closer more and more appeared as the Hobby Crunch time swung into full effect.  I personally experienced this crunch for other hobbies and conventions, but it was very unique this time around and that is due tot he community.

My Lists to hand out

As my Stormcast army was changed with the release of the new book I kept struggling on what army list I would bring to the Championship  (spoiler it will not be Warrior Brotherhood).  I had no idea what else I needed to paint, but along the way, I received lots of support from the Twitter Community as well as my close friends.  They would constantly tell me "You can do it!  We believe in you!" and it is heartwarming to hear those words from the people I call friends.  To top it all off every picture I posted via Twitter on hobby progress for Adepticon was met with words of encouragement and a plethora of likes (hearts?).

Which Gryph-Hound made it into my list? (Digby or Becky)

I found myself searching for those prepping for Adepticon to offer my own words of encouragement and support.  It has been great to see how a community can bond and keep pushing itself more and more while keeping the fun.  From finishing my army to working out some giveaways to my opponents I have enjoyed every minute, even the stressful ones.  We have a very unique and close-knit community and we cannot forget how great a thing that is as we continue to grow in the future as a game and a hobby.

Who will prevail? Only the Faithful!

I don't believe I will accomplish everything I intended for Adepticon, but I will be ready enough with the few hours remaining to prepare.  I look forward seeing some of you at Adepticon and please do come up to say hello and chat for a bit!  If you are not able to attend keep an eye on my Twitter as I will post up as many pictures as I can for everyone to see all the fun!

Until next week Happy Hobbying!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Steel City Sigmar's First Event

This past weekend I was able to attend the first event for The Steel City Sigmar Series.  The event was hosted at Legions Hobbies and Games.  Organized by Bill Souza and acting as T.O, Mike Ryan.  I wanted to run down my games and give some of my opinions from the event.  I took Stormcast Eternals to this event using the Hammerstrike and Thunderhead formations.  I do want to mention that this club is separate from the local scene that I am trying to grow within my immediate area that has been the focus on my "Building a Community" Series.  Steel City Sigmar is where I simply show up to play and compete.  It is vastly different from the local group I am struggling with currently.

The event consisted of three matched play games at 2000pts using the ITC format.  Entry was $20.00 with prizes for First, Second, Third, Painting (although painting was not a requirement), and Smoking Boots (i.e. Last place).  As I mentioned above Legions Hobbies and Games hosted the event and we had plenty of tables and space to play.  All prize money was given in the form of Store Credit and everyone was scoring ITC points for attending as well as our own in-house point system for Steel City Sigmar.  I feel the entry fee was a bit high for a local event, but there were thirteen players who show up to play so perhaps it is what the local scene sees as reasonable.  After a bit of banter and coffee, the games got under way.

Game 1

My First game was against a club mate Roger who brought a  Tzeentch army with Archaon at its head.  While I have known Roger for a bit, we have never faced off one another across the table so I was very excited.  The first Scenario was "Three Places of Power".  Roger had more heroes than I did, but my shooting kept all but Archaon cowering in the back for a large portion of the game.  I took an aggressive move early to try and rack up the points before Archaon and his magic began to remove my heroes.  The game had a lot of back and forth and stayed tight until the initiative roll for turn four.  If I would have won, I would have been able to shoot off one of his scoring heroes.  We rolled and he came up with the big roll to seal the game.  It was a great game and I learned how to handle Archaon on the table as well as the power Tzeentch is bringing.  My big mistake in the game was attempting to drop my Prosecutors from the heavens on a 3 up in order to allow my Hammerstrike Force Paladins to attempt to alpha strike his line.  They did not arrive until turn five.  A harsh lesson learned to start my game with the Prosecutors on the table.

Game 2

Game two was Gift from the Heavens down on the bottom tables after my loss.  I was paired off against Pat who was new to Age of Sigmar, but a long time Fantasy player.  Pat had a good humor about him and seemed excited to be playing.  Pat brought an Eight Edition Dispossessed Army with lots of artillery and shooting.  Pat did his best with an underpowered army, but I quickly neutered his army by baiting his killing units away from the objectives and shooting off his artillery crew.  I did my best to give him a proper game and we made it through four rounds despite the primary being wrapped by me up in the first few turns.

Game 3 (My terrain error is easily seen)

I was going into my final game as 1-1.  I knew I was most likely out of the running, but I was ready strive to place as well as possible.  The last Scenario was "Border War", and I was playing Tom and his Stormcast Army.  Tom was new to gaming, and despite a few of the bad habits we all had when beginning he was a good opponent.  This game I made my biggest mistake.  I am sad to say I did not give Tom a proper game.  I took myself out of the game after I realized my mistake.  That mistake was that after deployment began I realized terrain had been pushed to the edges by the person before packing up their army.  I was stuck deploying on objectives with no cover to be seen.  I should have been more aware before deployment or called the T.O. over to rectify the situation, but I mentally took myself out of the game.  We threw dice, we did have some fun, but by turn three it was all over.  I did my best to give my opponent a good game, but I am sure my attitude wasn't as sporting as it could have been for the game.  Tom played very tight and clean and I hope to play him again in the future and have a better experience on the table between the two of us.

I placed 12th out of 13 at the end of the day and while the gaming experience wasn't all that great I did learn quite a bit about my army.  It didn't work well with how I wished to play.  I am currently adjusting in preparation for Adepticon and still considering running Warrior Brotherhood, but more and more I feel the Stormcast Eternal Battalions are too much of a point sink and a strong list might not need to include any.  I also got to experience a bad day of gaming and reflect on how I can handle it better in the future as well as look inward to improve myself.  Overall what I took away from the event was immensely more valuable than a podium.

Club Shirt (Front)

Taking a step back to view the event separate from my personal experience I would say it was a good first event.  It was organized well and we did great as a club to get the word out to ensure a good turnout.  However, I feel the $20.00 entry fee was too steep for the drive and the potential to have a lackluster day.  My other concern was the lack of soft scores.  The ITC is known to be very competitive, but this kills hobby and ultimately can kill the enjoyment of the game.  Only three armies, one being my own, were fully painted and based.  I didn't get to play against a finished army that day, which added to me wondering if the drive and entry fee were worth it to me.  One bright spot of the day was receiving my Club Shirt.  While the first event didn't go all that well for me the next one could be much better and I intend to continue supporting and growing with the club.  The turnout was great and I hope it grows to improve the wider scene.  Hopefully even my own, more local, group.  Bill and Mike did a great job and I have expressed my views of the first event to them both prior to this article.  Open feedback will help improve the next event and I am always happy to share both the positive and negative.

Club Shirt (Back)

Until Next week (Adepticon week!) Happy Hobbying!

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Friday, March 10, 2017

What is your level of competitiveness?

I was chatting with my friend about our preparation for Adepticon that is rapidly approaching.  An interesting topic came up on where we saw ourselves in a level of competitiveness.  I thought it could be a good talking point to discuss how someone might see themselves in the various levels of competition.

So much to do and so little time...

I see myself as a very competitive player.  However, Adepticon will most likely change my perspective on the matter.  In my local scene, I hang around the top tables with a high level of consistency.  I developed my taste for winning during 8th edition Fantasy and found enjoyment in developing new competitive lists and testing them on the table.  When I found that list I would play it for months constantly refining it, and committing the play style and stats to memory.  It may sound dull, but if you mix in the background and the story it can feed into a competitive style of play, at least for me it has.

I can look at my past and feel proud of my accomplishments and awards.  Recently, however, I have been challenged and it is very refreshing to get your teeth kicked in once in a while.  That may sound odd, but it is the truth. In a few short games in which I lost has given me more info about how to improve then all the wins combined.  Always ask why you lost and be honest in self-critiques.

My hobby space with my local event trophies sprinkled about to keep me motivated!

It is easy to say that your dice went cold or your opponents dice were hot.  We all know this is a dice game and there is a level of luck involved, but when you build and play your lists you should be working to minimize how much luck affects the game.  There is always something that you could have done better.  Maybe you made one wrong move or buffed the wrong unit that swung the game against you.  Being able to see your mistake and work to correct it will make you a better general.  A good strategy I have used in the past is to play a game with a like-minded individual, but remove as much of the dice as possible.  Instead of rolling to hit, wound, or save use the average of what your dice can produce.  Same for Battleshock, running, and charging (this one can be difficult).  The only dice that I feel needs to stay random is the Turn Order roll.  Keeping that random helps you prepare to be double turned while taking advantage of gaining the double turn.  This type of practice is not for everyone, but I find it invaluable.

Getting out of your comfort zone and playing new people is an exciting a scary idea.  I like the group I play with and I do well in the local group.  I could leave it at that and be content with my current status, but what is the point.  I want to climb the next mountain no matter its height always reaching for the impossible.  I am about to go to Adepticon and I have the confidence to show up and do well, but I also know there is a good chance this mountain will kick me off its rocky slopes.  Honestly, I am not afraid to fall as I will learn from my failure and when I stop falling I will stand back up, spit the blood from my mouth and start climbing again!  Ever forward!

It would be amazing to bring home one of these beauties.

Dramatism aside, I look forward to Adepticon and I am going in with confidence.  If I win every game I will be over the moon, but if I lose every game I will enjoy the process of learning while meeting and playing new people.  I am competitive by nature, but I always see more opportunity to learn from my defeats.  Look forward to my post-Adepticon article that will most likely be titled “Big Fish, Little Pond”.

Until next week Happy Hobbying!

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