Friday, June 30, 2017

Road to Nova Open 2017 : Part 1

Hey Everyone!  There is quite a lot of Warhammer Events coming up such as Midwest Meltdown in July, Slobberknocker GT in July, as well as Heat 3 at Warhammer World this weekend!  However, my focus is on Nova Open as it will be my second Grand Tournament and I could not be more excited.

This time around I will be participating in the Age of Sigmar Team Event on Friday as well as the Championship on Saturday and Sunday.  I also plan to catch up with the friends I have made in this hobby and enjoy the atmosphere of another major event so if you see me around come over and say Hi and talk some Hobby with me.  I really enjoyed connecting with others at  Adepticon this past year and joining in on the sense of community that we are all a part of in this Hobby.

I feel these larger events are the best time to really grasp the idea of the National and Global Community for Age of Sigmar.  We all share the same interest in this game and hobby and being able to share that passion as well as our ideas and projects regarding our local communities.  In doing this we will see all the smaller pockets of groups begin to connect and blend a bit more to really solidify what the U.S. Age of Sigmar players are as a whole, and create a collective feeling of Community.  I encourage everyone to talk, interact, and share your social media groups with each other as well and look at how we can all help each other grow into the following year.  Also, The Warhammer Community Team will be attending in force and they are a great group who I enjoyed meeting and discussing the U.S. Community with at Adepticon and they will be hosting a number of seminars once again.

One that I will be sad to miss will be on Wednesday night about Building a Community and if you can attend this seminar I couldn't encourage you more.  I am sure it will be full of great information and tips to help grow your local scene which in turn will work to improve our National Scene.

I have decided on my Stormcast Eternals again for Nova Open.  I feel very comfortable with the army and always have fun playing them winning or losing and the best part is I have a fully painted army so I do not need to rush to paint the army for the event which allows me to work on my current Blades of Khorne army.  However, I wouldn't put it past me to add a random unit to the army within the next month because I just can't stop painting Stormcasts it seems.

The Reiksguard Eternals return!

My goal for Nova Open is to place top half in the Team event with my good friend Matt who is bringing is Duardin Force and going for the top 25% in the Championship.  My list will be similar to my Adepticon list with minor changes and as of Sunday, I will be going into full Age of Sigmar practice mode.  I plan to play as many games with the army as possible and examining ways to adjust my list to bring the most competitive list I can for the Championship.  The Team event I plan to go a bit more relaxed as the event to me seems to be more about having fun with your partner and engaging in a fun game.  While the Championship will have the same feeling of fun and engagement I don't feel any pressure to win in the Team event.

I also have a little wager with Miles Hamrick.  We are seeing who can paint more models to completion between now and the event either Age of Sigmar or 40k.  Loser buys the other a round of drinks.  I will track this progress in the series as well to see if I can keep up with him and his Hobby!  Follow both of us on Twitter to see use duel it out.

Hopefully, I can knock out enough of these to pull out a win on our little wager

I look forward to bringing you more on my Road to Nova article series as well as coverage of my time there once it is all in the books.  If you are going to Nova please let me know and perhaps we can meet up.  I plan to be there Friday through Saturday and hitting me up on Twitter is the best way to grab my attention most of the time.  See you all there and until next week, Happy Hobbying!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Weekly Hobby Update : 6-28-17

Hey Everyone!  It's Wednesday and time for my weekly Hobby Update.  It has been a fun week getting in my first game of the New 40k and getting back to some Age of Sigmar Hobby.  Nova is fast approaching and I plan to prepare with as many games with my Stormcast as I can in the next few months while painting up my Blades of Khorne so look forward to lots of that soon!

My good friend Ed also known as EvilEd has finally moved back into 40k coming from being very prominent in the X-Wing Community.  We had a great game of my Dark Angels versus his Space Wolves with him taking the victory.  I had a blast and I look forward to more games of 40k in the future.

My Khorne is assembled and free of mold lines.  I plan to give them a once over before I begin priming for my White and Gold Scheme.  I plan to push this army hard during July and possibly bring them to Nova for some Narrative games.  I am very excited as I want to take this army past any previous army I have done while removing mold lines, green stuffing gaps, and going for a paint scheme with shading, washing, and highlighting the entire army.

After finding out Path to Glory will be its own full supplement recently we get some info on the next edition of The Generals Handbook.  I am glad it is being labeled 2017 instead of Edition 2 as it promises a standard yearly update.  I can't wait to get a release date and will give it a review when I pick up my copy.

Let me know what you are working on and feel free to follow me on Twitter.  Until Friday, Happy Hobbying!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Finding the Hobby Balance

Hey Everyone!  Another week has come and gone and I bet you're sitting at home, or perhaps sneaking a quick read in at work, or possibly commuting home and passing the boredom with today's post.  However, if you are reading this I bet you are similar to me with your passion for our Hobby and the ever present thoughts of painting, building, and playing games are within you.  Sadly, not all of us are can count our Hobby as our profession, and sometimes it might be best to keep it separate.  How do we strike that balance between our Hobby Life, Home Life, Social Life, and Work Life?  I hope to share with you today my thoughts and how I attempt to obtain Hobby Balance.

Picture of me doing my best to not think about Painting a model 
(Shortly after I went and painted a model)

As I write this I think about the hectic time I am having this evening.  I drove home from work after a nine hour day followed by household chores and cleaning my gutters before tomorrow's rainstorm.  I won't lie and say this post has been crafted over a few weeks as I am writing it the night before it goes up.  After all the chores are completed I plan to cap the night off with dinner and build some Blades of Khorne while relaxing with my wife.

I am no pillar of hobby balance as you can see.  I do my best to keep it all portioned appropriately and despite tonight's imbalance, I will be back on track shortly working toward balance.  I do not believe a true balance will ever be reached as it's an ongoing process that we as hobbyists must be aware of as we paint those armies and squeeze in those games.  Just as I will never be satisfied with my latest paint job I will never feel as if I have given enough time to each aspect of my life, including Hobby.

It's great to catch up with friends on life even during games

Work is a necessary task, the hours of toiling can be broken up with Hobby.  List building in your head is a fun past time of mine.  I do take a peek on Twitter as the day goes on and chat with the fellow hobbyists to give myself short mental breaks.  Even on lunch I head to the gym and put on the recent podcasts or an Audio Book to ensure I keep up to date with what's going on in the Lore or Community.  Likewise, your commute home is an excellent time to catch up on Audio Books and Podcasts.

At home, the hobby time may seem close at hand, but we have families to spend time with and responsibilities to clear off our plates.  I am blessed to have a wonderful wife who acknowledges and encourages my enthusiasm (obsession) for this hobby and I can spend the night relaxing with her while building or painting.   While I keep true to one hour a night for my hobby there are times when I put the hobby away to give her my full attention. In turn, she lets me take nights, especially before and event, to hide in my hobby area and let myself get lost in all the madness.

Building a fence and visitng the Warhammer Store are both parts of Hobby Balance

My friends and family know about my hobby and understand that my blank stares while we are at a local coffee shop or dinner usually means I am thinking about the Hobby.  They laugh and ask how my latest project is going and from time to time join me in painting on group hobby days!  It wouldn't be fair to expect my friends to always let my hobbies take precedence so when they suggest a night of fun or an event to attend I use it as a break from the hobby.  While constant immersion in Warhammer is a great way to live it is necessary, I believe, to set it aside completely in order to keep it fresh and prevent burnout.  Besides your friends and family are the ones who will keep you grounded while building you up in areas beyond the hobby as well as in the hobby.  Even with your friends who partake in this hobby, I find it important to spend time with them specifically not doing anything hobby related.

After event hangout where Hobby talk mixed with Non Hobby Talk

Despite our best efforts times will arise where we might have to put a part of our Hobby aside in order to focus on the other parts of life that demand our attention.  We have seen it within the community when hobbyists are getting married, having children, or taking on more responsibilities at work.  It is a hard decision to step away from part of or all of you Hobby, but sometimes it is necessary.  We saw it recently with Dan Heelan and Wayne Kemp taking a break from Podcasting.  I have a lot of respect for those two for making that call as they could try to push on and keep putting their podcasts, but over time the demands elsewhere would see them put out a show that is not up to the quality they expect of themselves.  The flip side is they might continue putting out a great product, but other aspects would begin to suffer.

My friends, family all know I build, paint, and play with Toy Soldiers and love to immerse myself in the stories.  They encourage it and in turn, I must do the same for them and their hobbies and interests.  While work may be a grind from time to time it is okay to take a moment to chat on twitter or think about your next project in order to keep enthusiastic about our hobby.  Give time to your Hobby and squeeze every spare moment of the day, but keep in mind this world is more than painting and building models.  Spend time enjoying the world outside the hobby, but it never hurts to keep an eye out for the next project inspiration while you do so.  Keep you Hobby with you, but don't let life pass you by.

Some Potential Sylvaneth inspiration from a rcent trip

I hope some insight can be squeezed out of this post, but I would be happy to continue this topic either on Twitter or in future posts if you all think it would be worth exploring.  Please let me know and until next week, Happy Hobbying!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Weekly Hobby Update : 6-21-17

Happy Wednesday everyone!  It has been a flurry of Hobby lately and most of it #New40k.  I am very happy to be jumping back into the Grim Dark of The Far Future as well as playing in The Mortal Realms.  I remember the fun-filled times of days gone past when I played both systems and I am glad those days are back!  While the 40k break has been nice, especially after putting a lot of time and effort into Coalescence, I am very excited to jump back into more of a Sigmar Focus in the next few months to prepare for Nova Open.

With the 40k edition dropping, I let myself get swept in all the fun.  I haven't really played since 6th edition, but the changes to both Games Workshop and to Warhammer 40,000 I couldn't resist letting the Dark secrets of The Dark Angels run rampant in my head once again.  I picked my index and my Starter box and got to work.

After a long day or rebasing and building this past Sunday, The Sons of The Lion are up ready to hit the table while receiving a fresh coat of paint.  It was fun to loose myself to an entire day to the hobby.  It has been quite a while and while drained, really motivated me to move forward with the Army.

My plan for the Army is to have the majority ready to go for this Summers Campaign, Fate of Konor.  I really enjoyed last years Season of War for Age of Sigmar and cannot wait to see what is in store for us at the end of July.

I haven't forgotten about Age of Sigmar during all of the 40k hype.  My Blades of Khorne Army is being assembled and getting ready for painting.  Hopefully, I will be priming by Saturday.

Originally my fall to Chaos was part of a Path to Glory campaign with a few of my Club Mates.  We all chose a different Chaos god and set to the task, but as life does it can prevent us from gathering to game as much as we would like and the campaign went by the wayside as my army grew.  Thankfully, the announcement of a standalone Path to Glory Supplement for Age of Sigmar has reawakened the call of Chaos for my club mates and come July we will be picking this up to start a new campaign!

I would love to see what you are working on as well so please let me know either int he comments or by finding me on Twitter.  Until Friday, Happy Hobbying!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Coalescence 2017 : The Battle for The Laurel Diamond

Hey Everyone!  Today I wanted to run down the Coalescence event I ran at my local club last Saturday as part of the Global Narrative.  It was a great day of wargaming with a room full of players really getting into the setting of the event.  The tables were full of smiles and friendly banter all day as well as exciting games and stories being created!

We ran the event at our local library which is our usual club hangout.  We play in the basement where we can be as loud as we like and there is plenty of space to set up all the tables we need.  I set out early to grab some coffee and relax a bit before all the madness began.  It was a great time to reflect on what I needed to do to ensure everyone had a great time.

The local Library where the event was held

I was very lucky to have some players show up early to help set up the tables and the terrain.  In about thirty minutes we had everything set up right now time as the players began to roll in with their armies and excitement for the games to come.  I called everyone together and gave a brief rundown of the day and encourage everyone to play within the spirit of the event.  

The calm before the storm

This was my first real go at being a true Event Organizer.  I have run small events with my club, but never before have I branched out across the region to get as many players as I could for the event.  It was a lot of work even for a one-day event and even though it was nerve-wracking it was one of the most fulfilling experiences within this hobby and I fear I might be hooked to

I want to give a shout out to the Steel City guys and the Rend 4 crew from Ohio who made the trek out for the day.  Being able to play different people is the best way to grow as a war gamer both socially.  These players brought fantastic hobby, great attitudes, and really helped make the event.

Game 2 in full swing

When the dice began rolling we had 11 players show up which meant I had to play the ringer so no one was sitting.  I worked my ringer army into the fluff from my event and brought Tyrion and Teclis to the table.  I paired players off with the goal of players playing at least one person they have never played before at least once in the day.  The great part of the narrative event structure was I could freely choose who plays who throughout the day.

The Event Pack was very nicely written and I had one minor questions throughout the day which was great considering I had to play along with everyone else.  After game one we saw Chaos in ascendance and due to the player mixed Chaos was the favored to win the event, but Order saw things differently and fought back every step of the way.  Destruction and Death were out in force, but could never really foothold on the other two Alliances.

The FLGS owner Norm choose to Photobomb

After the dice were down everyone pitched in to help clean up the tables and rest the Library basement back to how it was when we had arrived.  After three games the last thing anyone wants to do is moved heavy tables and put terrain away, but many hands make light work and it was done in no time.

We all gathered at the FLGS The Toy Soldier Gallery.  I calculated all the results and handed out the awards.  Thankfully we had some great prize support so most everyone went away with some models and an award, but the real winner of the day was the Game.  Everyone knew they were part of something bigger with this event.  They all fought to have a piece of the global narrative.

The winners of the day!

As is customary we all gathered at the local bar to share stories and talk about our next hobby projects.  After a long day of gaming, no matter how fun, it is great to unwind and just talk about our games and what they are inspiring us to do next.  I couldn't have asked for a better group of players that day and a lot of friendships and group connections formed that will mean bigger events for us all in the future.

Relaxing afterwards

In the end, Order managed to upset Chaos in the final round.  While Chaos led the way all day they managed to drop the ball in the last game while Order came up big for the upset.  Tyrion and Teclis would be proud to see the Shard attuned to Order and safely in the hands of Sigmar.

Order attuned The Laurel Diamond in the end

I hope you all enjoyed this brief recap of my Coalescence 2017 event.  It was a great success with lots of support assistance from the NEON team to help me confidently run my first larger event.  I can safely say I will be running more larger events in the future by working with other Club leaders in the surround region.  I hope to have a continuation or a new story for Coalescence 2018 as you can be sure it will be bigger and better.  As always have a great weekend and feel free to follow me on Twitter.  Until next week, Happy Hobbying!


The story of Coalescence 2017 
Tied to my local Story set in Hysh

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Weekly Hobby Update : 6-14-17

Hey Everyone!  Time for my weekly Wednesday hobby post.  It was a fun and exhausting weekend with Coalescence, but there is no rest for the weary, especially when there is so much exciting hobby on your painting desk.  Be sure to come back this Friday for a recap of the Coalescence event I ran this past Saturday that was part of the bigger global narrative! 

I finally have been able to pick up the books by my nightstand and managed to work through this novel, Blood of Asaheim by Chris Wright.  While a bit slow to start it really kicked into high gear near the final third of the book.  The concept of a Space Wolf trying to reintegrate within his pack after spending time in the Deathwatch created a fun story that set up for a sequel nicely with Stormcaller that I plan to pick up soon. 

My very good friend Matt gifted me this lovely gaming mat this past weekend.  Frontline Gaming recently got into the gaming mat business with FLG Mats, but they knocked it out of the park.  The quality is exceptional and I look forward to playing my future games on this great product.

I began salvaging some bases I received with my recent acquisition of some new Dark Angel Models.  I have never been a fan of quark so off it goes!

Speaking of Dark Angels and #New40k I pulled all my Dark Angels from their dusty shelf and brought them down to the hobby desk.  I plan to rebase all the Marines to 32mm as well as give them all either a fresh coat or some touchups.  I will be working on this project alongside my Blades of Khorne army so expect Green alongside the Red very very soon.

As always feel free to follow me on Twitter and until Friday, Happy Hobbying!