Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Weekly Hobby Update : 8-16-17

Hey Everyone!  Time for another look at my hobby and games from the previous week.  Also a brief salute to a man who has ingrained himself in our hobby minds and left his mark as a Warhammer Legend (not that he is done growing his legend yet!).  Enjoy!

Rob Symes finished up his time with Games Workshop as one of the Hosts for Warhammer TV last Friday.  I think it is safe to say his commentary and insight will be missed on the streams, but it will also be nice to see him return to the community as a player and enjoy the creative freedom only he can bring.  I want to offer him my thanks in all he has done for the community and I look forward to seeing what he has in the future and wish him all the best in his adventures.

A 21 Toot Toot Salute.  Thank you, Rob.

I have become a Co-Host on my friend Ed Hornes (EvilEd) 40k Vod/podcast entitled HeresyCast.  I am very much an Age of Sigmar player, but I have always enjoyed 40k as well and with the new edition I am excited to play both game systems.  I still plan to keep a stronger focus on Age of Sigmar and if you check out the latest episodes (avoid Ep1...we had audio issues) you can enjoy me comparing everything in 40k to Age of Sigmar.  much to the chagrin of Ed and our other host Chad.

I am continuing progress on my Blades of Khorne.  Currently up in my last large unit which consists of 30 Blood Reavers.  I am still planning to finish the army this month, but it has been a daunting task.  After this unit, I imagine the painting will move along much quicker as it is only Heros and Monsters left to do.

My local Club has successfully moved into our new venue located in a local Church's Basement.  They were generous enough to give us an area to store all of our Terrain between Gaming events in their Belfry as well.  Overall everyone is really excited for the new venue as it gives us a bit more flexibility in how we run the events from the perspective of time, dates, etc.  We may have an issue with needing more tables as we grow, but there is plenty of space to utilize and I feel we will be very happy at the new location.

Also, I was asked to give a shout out to an upcoming event Da Boyz Grand Tournament in Rochester, NY on November 17th - 19th.  They will be running events for multiple game systems such as 40k and Age of Sigmar.  I might try to make it up there myself if I am able.  You can register at or if you have questions reach out to @Khornelord on Twitter.

I hope your Hobby is going strong and I would love to see what you are working on as well!  I case you are counting like I am, there are only 16 days left until Nova Open and it is very much crunch time.  Happy Hobbying!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Falling for Chaos : Part 2

Hey Everyone!  Today I wanted to talk about Khorne in a light not usually seen, but these parts of his persona were integral in my choosing to follow the Blood God over any other as I began my Fall to Chaos.  These character traits also helped in the choice of my color scheme choice of White and Gold across the army.

Everyone sees Khorne being all about Blood, Rage, and Skulls and while these are indeed part of who Khorne is he also represents Strength, Honor, Discipline, and a Motivation unsurpassed by other Chaos Gods.  Khorne is a warrior above all else and to be a warrior is to be steps away from being in his service.  A lot of these positive traits can be viewed in Hero's across the Mortal Realms, Sigmar, for example, could be seen as Khorne's mirror image, but with the control to not fall so far into the Rage that consumers The Blood God.

Khorne is about strength.  He doesn't even skip leg day at the gym!  Might of arms and the ability to kill any opponent you might face in hand to hand combat is his way and the way of those who follow him.  Using other means to kill such as a bow, poison, magic, or having others fight your battles is a good way to earn his ire.  We can all relate to wanting to be strong and wanting to be able to handle any situation we may encounter.  Being strong allows you to tackle things head on physically and anyone who goes to the gym on a regular basis enjoy pushing themselves to be stronger.  Khorne would be pleased.

You always know where you stand with Khorne, he hates you, but he might respect you if you share qualities with him, qualities of an Honorable Warrior.  He won't stab you in the back or use trickery to come after you.  You can be certain that if Khorne is after you, it will be on the field of battle with weapons in hand.  His honor will not allow him to kill you in any other way.  He wants you to put up a fight and is not opposed to Champion Duels to settle things.  He would rather see two champions fight to the death in an honorable duel instead of a watching an army slaughter the defenseless or cowardly.  If his champion wins then his strength and loyalty will be rewarded, but if his champion falls then he knows he was weak and not worthy of saying his name.  As I said you always know where you stand with Khorne.

In order to follow Khorne, you must be disciplined of mind and body.  While it is true the rage of his persona can ruin discipline among his followers that are only if his champions fail to maintain discipline.  Why are his Champions able to hold Discipline in an army of frenzy murders?  They are the most disciplined and examples of who Khorne is and what he represents.  This filters down and while the army appears to be screaming lunatics running across the board they are in fact a disciplined army using their straight forward martial tactics to win the day.  Sadly, Rage can cause this to break down from time to time, but the same can be true due to pride or the promise of power in other armies.

Khorne's followers, to me, are the more proactive and motivated bunch.  You don;t see them sitting around and waiting very often and if you do they are usually not happy about it.  The Chaos Gods are always ascending and descending, but you never really see Khorne stop and regroup.  He and his followers simply carry on killing as much as they can, even amongst themselves.  Nurgle is happy to wait for his time in the sun, Slaanesh will revel in excess to extremes, Tzeentch will play his grand game.  Khorne can receive the Death of a world as a gift and immediately go looking for more.  He is always pushing himself and his followers for more.  Khorne the Motivator!

So I have fallen to Chaos and I plan to enjoy it a bit, at least until the Aelves drag me back into the light.  I really look forward to finishing painting my army so I can get it on the board. I see a nobility in Khorne and that is what I am painting them with Whites and Golds as they are typical colors of purity.  I will focus on their noble aspects and I do enjoy the duality the colors are giving to the models.  Perhaps turning a blind eye to the rage and blood is proof of my fall?

I think I will end my Falling to Chaos series here as I don't know where else I could take it at the moment, but I hoped you enjoyed my insight on Khorne and my new found love of Chaos.  See you all next week, Happy Hobbying!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Weekly Hobby Update : 8-9-17

Happy Wednesday Everyone!  I hope your hobby is going strong as we enter the final stages of summer.  If you are going to Nova Open there are only 22 days left to finish up your army or projects!  Here is what has been going on with my Hobby and Nova prep this past week.

My Club, Ligonier Legion, recently moved venues due to some renovation at our local Library where we normally met.  Our new gaming hall is the basement of a local Church which has plenty of table space, storage for our terrain and gives us a bit more freedom for our events in the future.  The atmosphere is positive for the switch with the only down sides is a bit farther walk to our FLGS.

We broke in the new hall with games of Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40k.  My good friend Aleks was happy enough to help me test a potential list for Nova.  I built my Stormcast very defensively to survive potential shooting heavy armies.  He brought out his Free Peoples with plenty of shooting.  I started with a good lead, but he clawed back to draw the scenario and get a minor win on Kill Points.  It was a great game but forced me to reevaluate my list once more.

Warhammer 40k 8th edition has really sparked my local club and they came out to play in order to prepare for our upcoming Fate of Konor Event at the end of the month.

My Blade of Khorne are really beginning to take shape and I knocked out a few heroes to lead my force for some small point games as I paint the remainder in the coming month or two.  I still plant o finish the army before Nova, but the life is a thing that can get in the way, but you can be sure I will be ready for Aelves when they release!

Currently, I am painting my unit of 30 Blood Reavers and I played with Skin shades a bit and below you can see the four variations I am using across the entire army.  Left to right the mixes are One layer of Reikland Flesh, One layer of Reikland Flesh plus a layer of Seraphim Sepia, Two layers of Reikland Flesh, And a mixture of Gorthor brown, Druchii Violet, and Nuln Oil

Also, I have set up a WhatsApp chat group for Aleves and if you have an interest in joining please get in contact with me and I can get you into the group.

Let me know what Hobby you have going on as I would love to see.  If you are going to Nova Open please feel free to hit me up and perhaps we can meet up to chat or at least say hi!  Until Friday, Happy Hobbying!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Interview with Dan from AoS Shorts

Hey Everyone!  Today I have a very special guest interview for you all.  Dan from the new AoS Shorts Podcast took some time to talk about Hobby, Age of Sigmar, and his new Podcast.  Dan is a great guy with a love for Age of Sigmar and if haven't yet, be sure to reach out to him.  You will find his contact information below.

AoS Shorts is a great tool to help tighten up your rules knowledge to improve your game whether you are a beginner or a budding top table player.  I find myself listening to the short episodes multiple times to help smooth out my gameplay for myself and my opponents.  Also, his companion blog for each episode is a great way to get the most out of his discussion topics.  I hope you enjoy the interview.


Dan, can you tell me about who you are and how you began in this Hobby?

Hey, I'm a (predominantly) matched play gamer living in Auckland, New Zealand.  I was born and raised in the U.K. and was aware of Warhammer while I was there but only really dove in with 5th edition after I’d moved to NZ.  I took the Brets and played some 40k with Imperial Guard.

Everything kinda then went on hold, until I rejoined the hobby when I was working in London in 2012-2014. I came back in by listening to podcasts from Bad Dice, Heelanhammer, Black Sun, Garagehammer and the Dwellers before picking up a dwarf army when the 8th Ed Dwarf book dropped.  Really had to make the use of UK pricing and the VAT refund before coming back to NZ.

Dan (pictured left) handing out some prizes

What armies are you playing currently and what’s next on your Hobby Table?

I’ve been playing Sylvaneth since the Battletome came out and absolutely love them.  The sheer movement flexibility is amazing.  I suspect that Death will be my next AoS army but I'll be holding fire until after GHB2017 and any signs of a new Death Battletome. There is something right about Death following Life.

Dan's growing Sylvaneth Army

 Do you have a local Club or group you play with and how often do you get to play games and work on Hobby?

Unfortunately, I don't get as much time to play as I would like due to my work and a young family at home.  So I haven't ever really been able to commit to a club. I play casual games in mates’ garages, with the Auckland Model Citizens, and host tournaments with the Auckland City Guard.  On the hobby front, I try to get a few hours in each week - usually 30 mins or so early in the morning and perhaps a night a week.

Can you share with us your favorite Hobby movement?

“Hobby movement” - what a great phrase.  There are so many things that could be captured by this - the move to scenic bases, the #roadtoscgt crew, the NEOs, Games Workshop’s re-engagement with the community, the explosion of hobby podcasts, Warhammer TV.  I can't just pick one.

Dan's Hobby Area

What about your least favorite time in the Hobby?

The destruction of the old world was an unsettling shock, I played one game of AoS when it was first released and then decided to just let the dust settle and see where things went.  Me and my mates played a Necromunda campaign, we dabbled with KoW and I picked up Guild Ball. In the end, I threw myself into AoS as the game grew and found new gaming groups (my 8th ed. mates are now all playing T9A or 40k).

If Money and Time were not an issue what would be the one dream Hobby project you would want to tackle.

I have about 3,000 points of Dogs of War (almost every unit from the 5th edition book) still sitting mint in box.  With the death of 8th, I was going to use them in 9th Age or KoW but never got round to them.  I’d love to get them finished as a painting project on large diorama bases.  Other options would be a Luthor Harkon Undead Pirate army, a marauder Chaos force themed around a local raven god (which is actually a manifestation of Tzeentch), and a Harlequins force for 40k

The dream army in the wings

I often hear about challenges that our Wargaming Brothers and Sisters face being in this Hobby in your part of the world (New Zealand, and Australia), is there any insight you can share on this subject?

The obvious issue is the pricing differential (significantly higher than the exchange rate plus shipping) however that is old news.  Unfortunately, it really does limit new blood into the hobby and make it hard for local gaming stores to make sales because everyone just buys offshore.

The more complex issue is that we are a country of just over 4 million people in a long country that stretches from Lake Erie down into Florida or from Scotland into Spain. Our gaming scene also split hard three ways with the death of 8th. So achieving a critical mass for gaming clubs and tournaments can be hard. We are only now starting to get 40 player tournaments and that usually requires about half the field to be flying (or catching a 10-hour bus ride) to get there.

Durthu has great basing that Dan is using across the entire force

You recently started a new Podcast called AoS Shorts.  What can you tell me about it?

AoS Shorts is a series of podcasts, videos and blog posts on strategy for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar.  This series will help you get better fast.
Think of it as a Cliff Notes version of Facehammer etc.

There is so much great information out there in the AoS community on strategy and tactics, but it is largely buried in 100-page forum threads, 3-hour podcasts or hundreds of hours of video.  The aim with AoS Shorts is to distill this information for the time-poor gamer. Basically, I’ve started the podcast I wanted.

Each show focuses on a key AoS topic, such as list design, deployment, and scenarios,  and is accompanied by diagrams, tip sheets and a blog post for you to digest or refer to later.

Who is your target audience for the podcast and what is your goal with the show?

The show is aimed at people who want to improve their performances at tournaments or other competitive games. The show really isn't going to have anything new for top-end tournament gamers who usually podium. However, for players in the mid- or lower tables who want to start winning more games, or feel like they are in those games for longer, I hope my show helps.

So far you have List Writing, Tournament Play Tips, Scenery in The Age of Sigmar, Deployment, and the Priority Roll what is next for the show?

At the moment I'm trying to stick to the core mechanics of AoS until GHB2017 comes out.  Once that drops, I'll have episodes on each of the scenarios, summoning, piling in and combat, certain list builds, scouting reports on particular factions etc.

I also want to grow the show into videos because it is so much easier to explain strategy and tactics by showing rather than telling.  I want to illustrate the key concepts of the game with great painted armies on good tables.

What is the best way for someone to reach you and where can they download your latest shows?

You can find me on Twitter at @antipodean7 or AoS Shorts on Facebook.
All the articles and resources can be found at
The show is on iTunes, Podbean, and RSS.


I love what Dan is doing and I hope you take the time to check out his podcast and Blog.  I plan to use them as some last minute tournament preparation to Nova Open as I listen to his previous episodes on my drive down to the venue.  As always feel free to follow me on Twitter and until next week, Happy Hobbying!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Weekly Hobby Update : 8-2-17

Happy Wednesday Everyone!  Welcome to the fresh look for The Realm Gate!  I felt it was time to step up my game and give the blog a more professional look with a new logo I worked up as well as a cleaner design to the site.  I made do subtle tweaks here and there and any input is appreciated.

The new logo.  I was originally going to commission one but decided to try my own hand at it in the end

Now for another Hobby update as I have begun to find my Hobby Rhythm and gaining momentum each and every day!  It is helping that Nova Open is right around the corner and nothing helps the hobby like a goal or big event on the horizon!

Fresh faces and ready for Blood

I am in the middle of painting my Blades of Khorne and finished up my Unit of ten BloodWarriors.  I was surprised at how much detail these models have considering they were from the starter set.  They took much longer to paint than I expected, but they are beautiful models to add to any Khorne army.

Totems and Icons galore!

After I painted up the unit I realized that I needed to add in an Icon Bearer and after an extra night of work I was able to convert up something simple but effective for the role.  To treat myself I plan to paint my Bloodsecrator next.

The set up before we all began to run right due to the meteor drops

I managed to get some gaming in as well!  My friend Matt hosted me for a game of Age of Sigmar and 40k.  I took my Double Hammerstrike List I am considering for Nova Open against his Celestial Vindicators in Gift from the Heavens.  It was a fun game back and forth, but my Stormcast Took Victory in the end.  After playing the double Hammerstrike I find it powerful, but with a few weaknesses so I will be trying out a few other lists before Nova.

Movement is really easy if you lose before you get to move

After Dinner and some chatting, we dived into a game of 40k where my Dark Angels faced off against his Mixed Imperium List in a game built from the new Open War cards.  Despite the cards creating a fun Scenario my lack of knowledge in 40k play and how my army truly functions led to me losing in the Top of Turn 1.  Since it was all about the fun so we decided to just play on...until I was tabled at the bottom of turn 3. A great day regardless and I it really motivated me to improve my 40k skills to match that of my Age of Sigmar skills.

Some of the great work people are contributing to this great Cause (various artists)

I wanted to take a moment to share with you some Hobby Inspiration with the #RainbowWarriorsProject seeing the community come together for a great cause is wonderful and that they can do it using their Hobby skills makes it that much better!  Check out The Lonely Havocs to keep up to date on this great Project and where you can go to for the charity raffle to win this great army.

Until Friday feel free to follow me on Twitter and Happy Hobbying!